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Concepts CN Concepts CN
Concepts CN Concepts CN
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Concepts CN's
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unpainted bisque
Concepts Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica

paint acrylic color
Concepts Underglazes
These underglazes offer a multitude of vibrant fired ceramic colors in a balanced palette
of compatible hues of light, bright and dark colors, making color selection easy-

Concepts Underglazes have a versatile formula that allows
for translucent designs with one coat and solid coverage with three.
They’re also nontoxic and food-safe with the application of three solid coats or
when food-safe clear glaze is applied over them.

How to use Concepts Underglazes
1. Always damp - sponge ware lightly before applying glaze.
2. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.
3. Fire to shelf cone 06.
4. Clean up with water.
5. For clear glaze application, brush-on or dip clear glaze over Concepts
6. Let dry between coats.
7. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.
8. Water cleanup

Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
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Fired-on Color
Glazes Clear n Smooth

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Bold, vibrant fired ceramic color
CN 183
Concepts CN
Dark Kiwi
CN 201
Concepts CN
Light Grey
CN 202
Concepts CN
Bright Grey
CN 203
Concepts CN
Dark Grey
CN 211
Concepts CN
Light Taupe
CN 212
Concepts CN
Bright Taupe
CN 213
Concepts CN
Dark Taupe
CN 221
Concepts CN
Light Blush
CN 222
Concepts CN
Bright Blush
CN 232
Concepts CN
Bright Briarwood
CN 233
Concepts CN
Dark Briarwood
CN 241
Concepts CN
CN 244
Concepts CN
Really White
CN 253
Concepts CN
Dark Black
CN 261
Concepts CN
Light Grape
CN 262
Concepts CN
Bright Grape
CN 263
Concepts CN
Dark Grape
CN 271
Concepts CN
Light Jade
CN 272
Concepts CN
Bright Jade
CN 281
Concepts CN
Light Brown
CN 282
Concepts CN
Bright Brown
CN 291
Concepts CN
Light Purple
CN 292
Concepts CN
Bright Purple
CN 293
Concepts CN
Dark Purple
CN 302
Concepts CN
Bright Caribbean
CN 311
Concepts CN
Light Ginger
CN 312
Concepts CN
Bright Ginger
CN 313
Concepts CN
Dark Ginger
CN 321
Concepts CN
Light Plum
CN 322
Concepts CN
Bright Plum
CN 323
Concepts CN
Dark Plum
CN 331
Concepts CN
Light Olive
CN 332
Concepts CN
Bright Olive
CN 333
Concepts CN
Dark Olive
CN 341
Concepts CN
Light Pink
CN 342
Concepts CN
Bright Pink
CN 343
Concepts CN
Dark Pink
CN 501
Concepts CN
Neon Yellow
CN 502
Concepts CN
Neon Blue
CN 503
Concepts CN
Neon Chartreuse
CN 504
Concepts CN
Neon Orange
CN 505
Concepts CN
Neon Green
CN 506
Concepts CN
Neon Coral
CN 507
Concepts CN
Neon Red
CN 508
Concepts CN
Chutney Spice
CN 509
Concepts CN
Paprika Red
CN 510
Concepts CN
Earthen Moss
CN 511
Concepts CN
Sunflower Yellow
CN 512
Concepts CN
Green Apple
CN 513
Concepts CN
Deep Berry
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New Cn colors
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