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Designer Glazes Designer Glazes
Designer Glazes Designer Glazes
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Designer Glazes- DG's
Designer Glazes
Makes it easy to create decorative pieces for the home
that invoke the feelings of fabrics, textures, and colors in your life.

Designer Glazes
Designer Glazes Glazes
How to use Designer Glazes Notes::
Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
  Group: Duncan
Fired-on Color
Glazes Clear n Smooth

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Designer Glazes - DG's
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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DG 201
Designer Glazes
Distressed Denim
- A coarse twilled cloth, usually cotton, used for jeans, overalls, and work uniforms. Distressed is used in furniture antiquing techniques as well as clothing.
DG 202
Designer Glazes
Organza Orange
- A medium weight, plain weave, and silk-like fabric with pronounced slub-filling yarns (slub means yarns are uneven or nubby). It is primarily used for dresses.
DG 203
Designer Glazes
Carbon Chiffon
- A soft silk that is a plain woven, lightweight and sheer fabric containing highly twisted filaments of yard. The fabric is used for scarves and evening gowns, but can also be made from rayon and other synthetic fibers.
DG 204
Designer Glazes
Natural Linen
- The fibers of the flax plant, woven into fabrics that are cooler, stronger and more absorbent than cotton.
DG 205
Designer Glazes
Crimson Chenille
-A fabric with soft, fuzzy yarns standing out around a velvety cord, whose name comes from the French word for "caterpillar." Used for bedspreads, rugs, bathrobes and, more recently, loose-fitting sweaters.
DG 206
Designer Glazes
Forest Flannel
-A warm, soft fabric made in tightly woven twill or plain weave, and finished with a light napping. Derived from the Welsh word gwlanen, which means wool.
DG 207
Designer Glazes
Saffron Silk
-A medium weight, plain weave, and silk-like fabric with pronounced slub-filling yarns (slub means yarns are uneven or nubby). It is primarily used for dresses
DG 208
Designer Glazes
Khaki Canvas
-A strong, durable, closely woven cotton fabric popular for raincoats, handbags, and boots. Originally made of unbleached hemp of flax used for sails, tents, etc.
DG 209
Designer Glazes
Teal Tweed
-A medium to heavyweight woolen, twill weave fabric that is characterized by colored stubby yarns, used for coats and suits.
DG 210
Designer Glazes
Cashmere Creme
DG 211
Designer Glazes
Maize Twill
DG 212
Designer Glazes
Celery Charmeuse
DG 213
Designer Glazes
Seafoam Sateen
DG 214
Designer Glazes
Sienna Suede
Designer Glazes
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