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Renaissance Glazes Renaissance Glazes
Renaissance Glazes Renaissance Glazes
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Renaissance Glazes- RG's
Renaissance Glazes
Makes it easy to create decorative pieces for the home
that invoke the feelings of fabrics, textures, and colors in your life.

Renaissance Glazes
Renaissance Glazes Glazes

How to use Renaissance Glazes Notes::
Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
  Group: Duncan
Fired-on Color
Glazes Clear n Smooth

Envision - IN Envision - IN  
Gallery Opaque - GO Gallery Opaque - GO  
Gloss Glazes - GL Gloss Glazes - GL 
Satin Glazes- SN Satin Glazes- SN 
Glazes: Special Effect.....

CourtYard - CY CourtYard - CY  
Crystals & Crackles - CR Crystals & Crackles-CR 
Renaissance - RG Renaissance - RG 
Art - AR Art - AR  
Crystaltone - 2000's Crystaltone - 2000's  
French Dimensions French Dimensions
- FD n XD
Glazes: Specialty Products

Snow n SY's Snow n SY's
Overglazes OG's - OA's Overglazes

CourtYard - CY Concepts - CN
Crystals & Crackles - CR Cover-Coat - CC
Antique - AN E-Z Stroke

Art - AR Go Back to Color Index Page..

Art - AR Goto Kimple Non-Fire Colors

All pieces can also
be ordered Finished.

Prices showed are for
unpainted Bisque:
"Ready to Paint"

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Renaissance Glazes - RG's
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
All 8 oz. Jars $ Email for availability
Renaissance Glazes available in a new, easy-to-use 8-oz. wide-mouth jar.

RG 701
Renaissance Glazes
Vintage Blue
RG 702
Renaissance Glazes
Antique Celadon
RG 703
Renaissance Glazes
Rustic Mustard
RG 704
Renaissance Glazes
Shino Cream
RG 705
Renaissance Glazes
Bronze Patina
RG 706
Renaissance Glazes
Frosted Brick
RG 707
Renaissance Glazes
Deep Sea Treasure
RG 708
Renaissance Glazes
Pastel Peach
Renaissance  Glazes
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Renaissance  Glazes
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unpainted bisque
Contemporary Ceramic Studio
are supports used to separate a glazed article from a shelf during firing.

kiln fired bisque
non fire color
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