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Cover-Coats CC Cover-Coats CC
Cover-Coats CC Cover-Coats CC
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CoverCoat Opaque CC's
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unpainted bisque
If you love layers, coat your pieces with Cover-CoatŪ Opaque Underglazes!

paint acrylic color
CoverCoat Opaque Underglazes
Cover-Coat colors are applied directly to greenware, soft fired bisque or bisque,
these underglazes provide solid coverage over even the darkest colors,
and are perfect for airbrushing and brushwork.

Cover-Coats fire to an opaque, porous matte finish
and are safe for food when a Duncan food-safe clear glaze is applied over them.
For custom colors, tint them with other Cover-CoatŪ Underglazes or E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglazes.

How to use CoverCoat Opaque Underglazes
1. Always damp - sponge ware lightly before applying glaze.
2. Apply 3 coats to greenware, soft-fired bisque or cone 04 bisque.
3. Fire to shelf cone 04 to permanently adhere Cover-Coats to ware.
4. Apply clear glaze if desired and fire to shelf cone 06.
5. Clean up with water.

Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
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Cover-Coats - CC's - Underglazes -Page 1

All 2 oz. Jars $ Email for availability
Bold, vibrant fired ceramic color
CC 101
Cover-Coats CC
Arctic White
Out of Stock
CC 102
Cover-Coats CC
Ivory Pearl
CC 103
Cover-Coats CC
Lotus Yellow
CC 105
Cover-Coats CC
Sungold Yellow
CC 106
Cover-Coats CC
Harvest Gold
CC 108
Cover-Coats CC
Miami Pink
CC 109
Cover-Coats CC
Sunset Pink
CC 111
Cover-Coats CC
Dresden Flesh
CC 112
Cover-Coats CC
Light Flesh
CC 117
Cover-Coats CC
Walnut Brown
CC 118
Cover-Coats CC
Cobalt Crystal Black
CC 119
Cover-Coats CC
CC 120
Cover-Coats CC
Samoa Taupe
CC 121
Cover-Coats CC
Temple Grey
CC 122
Cover-Coats CC
Moonstone Grey
CC 126
Cover-Coats CC
Spring Green
CC 127
Cover-Coats CC
Fern Green
CC 128
Cover-Coats CC
Everglade Green
CC 129
Cover-Coats CC
Forest Green
CC 131
Cover-Coats CC
Teal Blue
CC 132
Cover-Coats CC
Fiesta Turquoise
CC 133
Cover-Coats CC
CC 134
Cover-Coats CC
Stardust Blue
CC 135
Cover-Coats CC
Lake Blue
CC 136
Cover-Coats CC
Marlin Blue
CC 137
Cover-Coats CC
Regency Purple
CC 139
Cover-Coats CC
CC 140
Cover-Coats CC
Morocco Red
CC 141
Cover-Coats CC
Light Yellow
CC 142
Cover-Coats CC
Canary Yellow
CC 143
Cover-Coats CC
Yellow Orange
CC 144
Cover-Coats CC
Burnt Orange
CC 145
Cover-Coats CC
Indian Red
CC 146
Cover-Coats CC
CC 148
Cover-Coats CC
Deep Turquoise
CC 150
Cover-Coats CC
Medium Green
CC 151
Cover-Coats CC
CC 152
Cover-Coats CC
CC 153
Cover-Coats CC
CC 154
Cover-Coats CC
Cobalt Navy Blue
1 OZ. Jar
CC 156
Cover-Coats CC
Medium Brown
CC 157
Cover-Coats CC
Darkest Brown
CC 158
Cover-Coats CC
Bright Green
CC 159
Cover-Coats CC
Bright Blue
CC 160
Cover-Coats CC
Deep Purple
CC 161
Cover-Coats CC
Blue Green
CC 163
Cover-Coats CC
Danish Blue
CC 164
Cover-Coats CC
Ice Grey

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