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French -Dimensions - FD's
X-Treme -Dimensions - XD's

unpainted bisque
High-pile glazes for raised design effects.

paint acrylic color
Squeeze bottles with writing tip.
High-pile glazes for raised design effects...
Over and under non moving glazes and over each other.

French n X-Treme -Dimensions French Dimensions High-pile glazes for raised design effects,
such as dots, stripes, squiggles and outlines,
use over and under nonmoving glazes and each other!
Perfect for adding that extra depth your project might need.

French n X-Treme -Dimensions X-Treme Dimensions come in 8 nontoxic, outrageously speckled colors
and are equipped with a larger,clog-resistant writer tip
for easy-to-squeeze application....
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1. Apply with squeeze bottle
2. Do not touch bottle tip to ware (this may cause the French Dimensions to flatten)
3. Maintain steady squeeze pressure
4. Apply to Bisque (or greenware, depending on technique)
Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
  Group: Duncan
Fired-on Color
Glazes Clear n Smooth

Envision - IN Envision - IN  
Gloss Glazes - GL Gallery Opaque - GO 
Gloss Glazes - GL Gloss Glazes - GL 
Satin - SN Satin - SN  
Glazes: Special Effect.....

CourtYard - CY CourtYard - CY  
Crystals & Crackles - CR Crystals n Crackles-CR 
Antique - AN Designer - DG 
Renaissance - RG Renaissance - RG 
Art - AR Art - AR  
Crystaltone - 2000's Crystaltone - 2000's  
<B>French Dimensions<BR> - FD n XD</B> French Dimensions
- FD n XD
Glazes: Specialty Products

Snow n SY's Snow n SY's
Overglazes OG's - OA's Overglazes

CourtYard - CY Concepts - CN
Crystals & Crackles - CR Cover-Coat - CC
Antique - AN E-Z Stroke

Art - AR Go Back to Color Index Page..

Art - AR Goto Kimple Non-Fire Colors

All pieces can also
be ordered Finished.

Prices showed are for
unpainted Bisque:
"Ready to Paint"

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French n X-Treme -Dimensions - FD's n XD's

All 1.25-oz. easy-to-use squeeze bottle. Jars $ Email for availability
Nontoxic, but not recommended for use on food containers
due to raised surface; overglazed compatible.

FD 254
French Dimensions
Black Licorice
FD 258
French Dimensions
Pure White
FD 265
French Dimensions
French Straw
FD 266
French Dimensions
French Papaya
FD 267
French Dimensions
French Scarlet
FD 268
French Dimensions
French Wine
FD 269
French Dimensions
French Plum
FD 270
French Dimensions
French Delft
FD 271
French Dimensions
French Kiwi
FD 272
French Dimensions
French Briarwood
FD 273
French Dimensions
FD 274
French Dimensions
Light Pink
FD 275
French Dimensions
Neon Blue
FD 276
French Dimensions
Neon Chartreuse
FD 277
French Dimensions
Neon Coral
FD 278
French Dimensions
French Really Red
FD 279
French Dimensions
French Navy
FD 280
French Dimensions
French Hunter
FD 281
French Dimensions
French Lavender
XD 200
French Dimensions
Atomic Surf
XD 201
French Dimensions
XD 202
French Dimensions
Lemon Stinger
XD 203
French Dimensions
Pepper Blast
XD 204
French Dimensions
Electric Plum
XD 205
French Dimensions
Galactic Sky
XD 206
French Dimensions
Black Berry Friction
XD 207
French Dimensions
Cranberry Chaos
French Dimensions
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French Dimensions
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French Dimensions
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unpainted bisque
Contemporary Ceramic Studio
Slip Trailing
The process of applying slip in an applicator bottle to flow on design for a raised effect.

kiln fired bisque
non fire color
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