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paint Liquid Pearls color paint Liquid Pearls color
Liquid Pearls paint Liquid Pearls color
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Ultra Metallics - UM's
unpainted bisque
Ultra Metallics are rich, gleaming water-based metallic colors that won't tarnish.

Granite Stone color Ultra Metallics - UM
Take your pieces to rockstar status with ultra-hip, super shiny Ultra Metallics!
These gleaming, water-based metallic colors can be mixed
with other water-based nonfired colors to create an even wider
range of metallic hues ...
Best of all, Ultra Metallics won't tarnish, so add them to all of your projects for extra flair!

How to use Ultra Metallics - UM
1. Shake bottle thoroughly.
2. For solid coverage, apply 2 or more coats.
3. For detailing, apply 1 coat.
4. Clean up with water.
5. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
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No-Fire Color

Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics - OS BisqStain Opaque Acrylics - OS 
Oil-Based Translucent Stains- TS Oil-Based Translucent Stains- TS 
Granite Stone - GS Granite Stone - GS 
Liquid Pearls - PL Liquid Pearls - PL 

Ultra Metallics - UM Ultra Metallics - UM 

Brush-On Glitter - SG Brush-On Glitter - SG 
Spray Sealers - SS Spray Sealers - SS 
Accessories - AS Accessories - AS 

Kimple Goto Kimple Non-Fire Colors

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unpainted Bisque:
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Ultra Metallics - UM's
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
All 2 oz. Jars $ Email for availability

UM 950
Liquid Pearls
Brite Gold
UM 951
Liquid Pearls
Solid Gold
UM 952
Liquid Pearls
Antique Gold
UM 953
Liquid Pearls
UM 954
Liquid Pearls
UM 955
Liquid Pearls
UM 956
Liquid Pearls
UM 957
Liquid Pearls
UM 958
Liquid Pearls
UM 959
Liquid Pearls

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unpainted bisque
Contemporary Ceramic Studio
Synthetic hair brushes are preferred for acrylic painting because they offer better flow for acrylics
and do not lose their shape unless abused.
Care must be taken not to allow acrylic colors to dry on the brush
since this makes them almost impossible to clean.

kiln fired bisque
non fire color
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