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Oil-Based Translucent Stains - TS's
unpainted bisque
Oil-based antiquing translucents in vibrant colors
that are wiped back with water.
paint acrylic color It is antiquing made easy!
TS Translucent Stains are oil-based antiquing transparencies
nontoxic colors and come in fabulous colors; just apply to your piece and wipe back with a cloth!
TS Translucent Stains blend easily and smoothly and have a longer drying time for more workability..
Cleanup could not be easier just wipe away with water!

How to use TS - Oil-Based Translucent Stains
1. To antique, apply 1 thin coat over dry acrylic color,
.....working it into all crevices;
.....wipe back with soft cloth or tissue.
2. Clean up with water.
3. Seal with Ceramic Spray or Brush-On Sealer.
4. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
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No-Fire Color

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Oil-Based Translucent Stains Non-Fire TS's
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
All 2 oz. Squeeze Bottles

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TS 551
Oil-Based Stains
TS 561
Oil-Based Stains
TS 562
Oil-Based Stains
TS 564
Oil-Based Stains
TS 565
Oil-Based Stains
Black Brown
TS 566
Oil-Based Stains
TS 568
Oil-Based Stains
Tan Sparkle
TS 569
Oil-Based Stains
TS 570
Oil-Based Stains
Pecan Sparkle
TS 571
Oil-Based Stains

TS's are discontinued.

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unpainted bisque
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Brushes may be stored in a horizontal position if necessary.
For long term storage, protect the brushes with moth balls or moth flakes to prevent insect damage.

kiln fired bisque
non fire color
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