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"Adults Only" obscene, naughty PARTY ceramic
"We have to ask that only folks of legal drinking age go beyond this point.!"
"This section contains adult-oriented pictures, jokes, and funStuff. "
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LID reads "the family jewels" the family jewels Innocent looking jewelry box,
2 1/2" by 4"

Remove the lid, to see, bottom has a molded shape of a man's private parts, all of them. This box will surely get some red faces when they open it up unsuspecting


Impossible Dream
Impossible Dream music box
Impossible Dream music box Bottom= 5"L x 3"W
Top= xx"tall

Music box waggle - The top will move as it plays the imposible dream. Curlly hair (any color), can be added to the bottom for a special touch!

$34.00 w/music box kit

The Moving Head Assembly produces a circular motion; but body -part appears to tilt backward and forward as it rotates. Metal Wagging Arm rotates inside flexible plastic sleeve inside the St.Peter,(add packing inside to hold in place) to get desired motion effects.
Waggie Shaft and Sleeve fit full size 18-note musical movements, which is glued inside bottom piece. Wind up key on out side.

Body's all over, Look close! Click Here - Look close!
5 1/2"Tall 6"Long by 4"Wide
L@@k close, lots going on here...Flat back

Dirty Wild Bill bookend

$ 12.00

BELL Bad little boy
4 1/2"high by 2 1/2"

Little Boy taking a Pee - Handle...

#XR-906 Bellboy

Picture not ready! To the old days!

Pictures ADULTS DANCING, having a good time QUOTE IS PRINTED ON IT "save our wild life"


Nice change Dish!
4" dia
The words "Kiss my ass! "imprinted on dish...


5"W by "3 T

Making Bacon Pigs

The Longest Kissss! stands 17" tall by 8" wide THE KISS STATUE



10" tall For $26.00

Duck shopper
A duck walks in to a drug store and asks for a condom.
The sales person comes back with the condom and says
" Put this on your bill sir "
to which the duck replies
" what do you think I'M a dickhead !"


"The inside of containers, can be Glazed-Fired with a "FOOD SAFE" clear glaze."

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unpainted bisque
Young Son:
"Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts of Africa a
man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?"

"That happens in every country, son.".
kiln fired bisque
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