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If raunchy uninhibited full-out adult sex offends you, beware!
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"Adults Only" obscene, naughty PARTY ceramic
"We have to ask that only folks of legal drinking age go beyond this point.!"
"This section contains adult-oriented pictures, jokes, and funStuff. "
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Ashtray/Dish For Hot Butts Only For Hot Butts Only
5"Long by 3"Wide

Depicts a nude woman laying in bed with sheets up, breast exposed. The words "For Hot Butts Only" imprinted on the sheet!
$ 11.00

What a Heavy LOAD! Nude Man w/wheelbarrow
4 1/2"Dia

Nude man pushing wheelbarrow w/ extra lg private part hauled

$ 8.00

Look under the Duck! Suprise! Opens into a box...
Man in Tub with his little ducky...

6 1/2"Long by 3" wide

$ 19.00

Oh my!
9"tall by 5"wide at base
Hanging ON
Funny Gift....

$ 25.00

Hang on there girl! side view

Something To Offend Nearly Everybody

$ 25.00

suprise! another view

Red Hot and Nasty will not be for everybody ...

$ 25.00

Here she is.. 5 1/2 "tall
A nude bride on one side - Turn her around, you have Saint Peter,(a man's private part).

#XR-911 Bride
$ 9.00

Naughty! Nude Girl Mug Naughty! Nude Girl

Naughty nude girl on side of this mug - enjoying herself - very provocative, explicit with very big boobs
#XR-433 mug

innocent looking ? 8"tall by 2"dia. Monk on one side, turn it around, you have Saint Peter,(a man's private part).


The Ride to the TOP
This guy's in the rear of a full elevator and
he shouts,
"Ballroom please."

A lady standing in front of him "turns around and says,
"I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was crowding you."


"The inside of containers, can be Glazed-Fired with a "FOOD SAFE" clear glaze."

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Who is the most popular guy at the nudist colony?
The guy who can have a cup of coffee in each hand and still carry A dozen donuts.
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