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"Here you will find Ready-to-Ship Gifts and Treasures."
We love to Paint and try out New Techniques,
which give you a treasure trove of One of a kind Pieces to Discover..

This Site is updated frequently, so Please bookmark, also Reload this page for the new updates.!
As pieces are ready for Sale we will be adding to this list and will try to take out the ones that sell out.
We will add New photos, WYSIWYG, we ask for your patience and ask that you check back often.

....What's on Sale ??

Item ##. Description Size in
FDon-0678 Ghost on Fence 11" Long $28.00/$25.00 2 Press the ghost in the barrel down to hear the music.
1 lites n music, 1 just music
FDon-0450 Cat with pumpkin N Spider: musical 7 1/2" High $25.00 1 Includes -music button,add black pompom to spider..
FDon-1718 Blinky - Headless Man 6" High $10.00 3 Has button eyes no music.
FKim-1560 Blinky - House 5 1/2" High $10.00 1 Has button eyes no music.
FKim-1719 Blinky - Witch with Cat N pumpkins 8 1/2" High $10.00 1 Has button eyes no music.
FKim-1715 Blinky - Spider 5 1/2" High $10.00 4 Has button eyes no music.
FKim-1724 Witch on Moon 12 1/2" High $25.00 3 Includes -music button
FCla-0741 Turkey Candle Holder with wing pockets 4 1/2 " Tall $20.00 1 Set Includes flowers
FKim-1778 Blinky - Turkey 4" Tall $10.00 3 Has button eyes no music.
FSci-1881 Pumpkin with embossed Faces 3 1/2" High $10.00 1 Set 1 Cut face n 1 Glazed inside
FHol-2738 BAG .. " Boo" 4" High $10.00 1 Glazed inside

Please Note: Sales listed are good for a limited time.
All Sales automatically End when new are released, if not sooner, or there is no more stock.
No order is too large or too small!
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