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An assortment of pieces for a full fledged party...
or a simple gathering before trick or treating begins."

"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Special of $24.75 for Halloween tree/stack set...
tree with nest Tree with Nest
9" High

Now $7.50

Pebbled Base Pebbled Base
8 1/2 " Long

Now $6.00

Cat pumpkins Stack Cat pumpkins Stack
11" Tall

Now $9.00

Vulture set Vulture set
3 and 7 " Tall

Now $5.00

Halloween.. ACC. sign+crow Halloween.. ACC. sign+crow
app. 3" wide

Now $3.00

Witches Witches
4" High

Now $5.50
Set of 2

Witch Witch
xx" High

Now $5.00

Plq.- Wreath fall Plq.- Wreath fall
16" Dia.

Now $32.00

Scarecrow for wreath Scarecrow for wreath
7 1/2" High

# 2724-Sci
Now $6.00

Halloween Mice with Hats Halloween Mice with Hats
3" High

Now $6.75
Set of 3

Book-base.. ghost story Book-base.. ghost story
app.7" long

Now $5.00

Halloween.. kitchen/sceneWe need kimple, used molds or bisque parts, for #1726, #1475... Halloween.. kitchen/scene
11" High

Now $call

More - Frightful Fun!...
"Take a clean rubber glove and fill it with water, tie it and put it in the deep freeze.
Keep it in there until your party.
When you're ready take it out of the glove and put it in the punch bowl instead of ice! "


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