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Oh! Christmas Tree

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Tis the Season to Trim the Tree
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
Yes.. We have Replacement - tree Bases ... Please call for sizes or see page 3
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Holly Wreath #0131-DocH Holly Wreath
Large Bow-base
11"High x 12 W

Bow n Wreath
Add $22.00 for 2-light kit

Holly Wreath #131-Doc
Add insert
Wreath insert= Sleeping Mouse


Holly Wreath #131-Doce
Add insert
Wreath insert= Flickering Candle

Add 12.00 for 1-wire n Flicker Blub

tree #341-Now Tree Christmas
old style with Holly-base
16 1/2 " High by 12 w.

Add $22.00 for light kit

Double christmas tree #522T-Sci Double Village Trees
8" tall

Also a Single Tree 8"T. for $15.00 or $33.00 for set.

Candle Tree #Candle tree Candle Tree with Star Base
16" approx.

#Candle tree
Add $22.00 for light kit

tree Character Character Tree
Mickey n Friends with Base
12 " High approx.

Add $22.00 for light kit

tree Character Character Tree
2nd view
12 " approx.


tree Character Tree
Bisque view
12 " approx.


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Originating in England,
Father Christmas was depicted as a friendly fellow wearing
a crown of holly and a scarlet or green fur-lined robe.
To many, this wreath of holly represented the crown of thorns that Jesus wore
when He was crucified and the red berries are symbolic of the blood He shed.

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