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Mid-Night Pottery
SpongWare for your Home. Dark Blue with Sunflowers
Scissor-Holder - Paper plate Holder -
Chip-n-Dip - Honey Pot - Cheese/Garlic/Dome and more!
Bears & Collectibles
Bears.. Bears... Bears..... Free catalog available!
Cake Decorating Institute
Learn how to decorate cakes for all occasions.
Joan's Designs
Unique, original hand painted Cows.
mall stores boothes
Making Memories all year long !
kiln fired bisque
horses to chickens
country cows
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"... For Baby's Christening....
As your dear little baby is Christened with Love,
May God send His blessing from heaven above,
May He give you His joy and always be near
To watch over your little one, year after year...."

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