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"Beautiful decorations are a must for every wedding.
You can create a wedding theater with your own personal touch"

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Kitchen Ware is Sectioned alphabetical by mold company's.
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dot Figurines & Dolls
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Crazy about Clowns....To make you Smile -
Cherubs ...The sweetest little faces -
A Choirs of Angels...Will make your heart sing -
Figurine... 1st. - Figurine... 2nd.
Kids, Cow-people, Gypsies, Colonial, Smilies, Smerfs, Chinese, Sports.. -

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Animals....Seals, Penguins, Turtles, Goose, Raccoons, Skunks, Elephants, etc. -
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Banks....Bears, Clowns, Half-dollars, Sports, truck ,etc. -
Bears: Cute as a button...Musical, Plaques, Calendar, Alphabet, Banks... etc. -
Blinkies.. Set on a shelf or window sill...-
Book-Ends & Clocks....Clowns, Sports, and more...-
Figurines & Lamps....Musical or a Lamp... just to brighten up your room...-
Mini Stuff....Tiny-doll house size...-
Mouses....hickory, dick-ory, dock...-
Wall stuff....Plaques & Frames, for the Kids room...-
Raggedly Ann....& Chess sets -

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Magical items...Dragons - Wizards - Mirrors...-
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Decorative...Bells, Candles, Frames Chess-set, Odds and Ends...-

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dot Plaques, Bases & Religious pieces
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Plaques for your Walls
...Mask, Clocks, Seasons, Ballerina, Drapery Holders, Shelf,
Butterflies, Wall-Baskets, Flowers, Thermometers,
Wild Life, Country, and more..-

Religious pieces..Planters, Bible, Praying Hands, Madonna..-
Bases for all....Round, Square, Oval, Brick, Plain or Fancy..-

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