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Easter selections
  Eggs! Eggs!
  Bunny Rabbits
  Ducks and Chicks
  Candy Boxes
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Emboss Art Plain Collection - Plain - Eggs
"Ready-to-Paint" "We'll Show You How!.. You'll LOVE the results"
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Egg - resting
Egg - resting
Egg - resting
Small 2 3/4", Medium 3 1/4", Large 4 1/4"

Set of 3 plain eggs

Egg - standing Egg - standing
Small 2 3/4", Medium 3 1/4", Large 4 1/4"

Set of 3 plain eggs

Egg - Handing
Egg - Handing
Small 2 3/4", Medium 3 1/4", Large 4 1/4"

Set of 3 plain eggs
Hanging set of 3 with caps

Egg - resting--JUMBO
Egg - resting--JUMBO Plain
5 1/2" Long


Decorated by applying a decal to bisque.

eggs with decals
Then enhance by using a dimensional paint, applied on top of the decal

11"Long #0328-ian

Egg Boxe PLAIN
7 1/2" Long

3 1/2"Long #0325-ian

 Egg Book
 Egg Book
Instruction Book
32 Pages eggs
37 Pages Orn.


out od stock

Applicator tools: Pen kit Pen kit: applicator tools
With leaflet of complete instructions for using EmbossArt with Acrylic Paint or FireOn color
  • Embossers Tools
    Set 1-- has 3 pens
    3 fireon 1/2oz. colors)
    Set 2-- has 6 pens
    nofire set)
  • Medium Tips
  • Lubricant & Cleaning Wires
  • storage Box with Moistening Sponge
#emb-kit 110 Set 1 or Set 2
out of stock

Decorating Lathe
Decorating Lathe
Pen kit: applicator tools
Instructions included. #Lathe $32.00
  • Speeds Decorating
  • Makes line painting around objects a breeze
  • Prevents dropping or accidental fingering of wet pieces

What do you get when you cross a chicken and the Easter Bunny?
A Happy easter ;o)

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